Shift- Subsidised rental accommodation


Poverty and the social elimination of vulnerable population groups are increasing, due to social and political challenges throughout South-Africa. In recent years, the space between income and housing prices has continued to broaden, making housing less affordable. At the same time, South-Africa has seen both a decline in the role of the government in the housing sector and a growing reliance on market forces to satisfy housing demand. Subsequently, the housing needs of the poor and vulnerable are often ineffectually addressed. The availability of affordable housing, however, is crucial for individuals’ well-being and for guaranteeing a socially cohesive society.

The ideal solution would be to provide the whole population with adequately equipped dwellings of suitable size in a well-functioning environment of decent quality at reasonable cost. But in reality the current situation is proving it to be practically impossible, due to high unemployment numbers. The idea behind this development was to create a vibrant mixed use node from where a basic standard of development could derive and infiltrate the city through time. The focus area can be seen as a division between wealthy and poor, thus aiming to reduce the income gap between the two partitions. One of the main generators for choosing the site is the strong link with the perennially flowing Apies River and the existing pedestrian access routes created adjacent it. The centralized nature in regards to the functional necessities such as, schools, shops, churches, clinics, doctors, universities and transport, made the proposed site exceptionally viable. To acquire the necessary density of 100-200 beds per hectare, over the sites 1.1 hectare, a total of more than 300 units can be implemented. The excess space will be used for functions the site can possibly lack; this will include informal trading and small farming areas. Due to the sites elongated nature and continuum of space along the Apies River, provides for a solid basis from where future development can grow from.