An information based community development centre in Mamelodi – East


A general stigma surrounding information technologies in low-income communities is seen as common. This is due to the perception that by gaining knowledge through technology will not satisfy their immediate needs. In order to create a general acceptance and appreciation, the progression of civic learning facilities should be culturally influenced and contextually manifested within the immediate community.

This project explored ways in which to aid in the process of community development and social reconstruction through an architectural intervention based within an informal setting. The proposal aimed to better the community of Mandela Village, by providing a multi functional learning facility, which fully integrates itself into the existing monetary and social fabric of Mamelodi. Main objectives includes; an obtainable architectural solution with positive long term outcomes, which could aid in uplifting the current living conditions the immediate society is faced with. The design aimed to provide for a sensible yet sustainable approach, which could educate and transform the current situation regarding building typology in shack towns.