Frame- a film, media and dramatic arts school


South Africa’s film and television industry is currently regarded as the biggest contributor to economic growth within the entertainment sector. Evidencing extraordinary growth, the industry has developed a dire need for professionals in the various fields of acting, film production, broadcasting and directing. In response, this project aims to assist in the amelioration thereof. It seeks to rethinks the role and functioning of the physical education campus in our current “Interactional Age” and intend to include the surrounding community within the learning envelope. The focus area comprises possibilities of urban integration into existing frameworks such as the Nelson Mandela Development Corridor (MDC) and the Re Kgabisa Tshwane transportation strategy. Furthermore this project propose the implementation of a pedestrianised arts and cultural boulevard, in an effort to revitalize the current degraded and highly fragmented sidewalk culture which exists in the area between Bloed Street Taxi Mall and the selected site. The site locality was of utmost importance within this project, as vicinity in this instance could very well determine project success. The proposed locality offered various catalytic surrounding functions, such as dining establishments, sport facilities and an already established student environment generated by the TUT Arts campus. The site locality within its context furthermore presented an opportunity to uplift the degraded Apies River by utilising the qualities of water when implemented adjacent architectural form.

The conceptualisation process was focused on locating parallels between architecture and film, these findings contributed greatly in the event of establishing a suitable building typology. Two local film institutions were visited and analysed, which formed the basis from which the proposed school’s programme and functional requirements originated. Ultimately, this project aims to alter the current mono-functional nature of today’s physical campus by promoting cultural and social partaking.